It shouldn’t take sweeping multinational regulations such as the GDPR to refocus business objectives toward data security; it just makes good business sense. When we’re talking about data security, though, we’re not just talking about hackers stealing your data or a disgruntled employee seeing confidential data not intended for him—did you know, by the way, that the majority of data breaches are now caused by internal threats?


When your marketing automation platform is integrated with your CRM, which might also have sensitive employee data within, which might also connect to your ordering system, which might also connect to your credit card processor, it’s quite easy to see yourself in a position where data that shouldn’t be exposed might end up being in front of the wrong eyes.


It is especially important for the healthcare sector that any patient data is protected to respect their privacy. This can mean something as simple as anonymizing or pseudonymizing the data or as complex as multiple layers of encryption with strict user access controls. A data audit by our multinational team could expose and correct security holes that may open your company to legal liability.

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