How well do you know your customer? Sales representatives who might be hesitant to adopt the latest automation technologies might claim they know them better than any software ever could. But in the healthcare industry, for example, sales reps get an average of less than two minutes per month to see most doctors. Coupled with the fact that some individual reps are responsible for more than 100 doctors makes it a bit far-fetched that a sales rep can legitimately say they know their customers.


This is where software can help. Using all of the data you have available, we can create a 360° view of each individual contact you have—even the anonymous ones—to show you every action they take. Since actions speak louder than words, this data could be invaluable to you when developing sales and marketing strategies. It can show you not only what to communicate, but when, where and how often.


With real-time data from multiple sources, both online and offline, you can use these insights to quickly pivot when you’re seeing a message that doesn’t resonate. You can proactively develop upon content that has proven to be popular. You can go into a 2-minute meeting already knowing both what your customer has seen and done, and what areas they’re interested in.


Our professional team can develop, implement, integrate and launch a robust 360° view while training your staff on how to best use and adapt to these new insights. With our experience we can provide your business with quality data and a well-structured customer view.

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