We map your new business needs and processes

Implementing a marketing automation platform has a huge impact on your organization. Aligning Sales and Marketing is crucial in order to benefit the overall business and enable a smooth digital transition.

We analyse all areas of both the marketing and sales funnel, in order to effectively coordinate collaboration between your Marketing and Sales departments. Additionally, this is a key exercise to make in order to establish a solid lead scoring model for your campaigns.

Adagio’s mapping process guarantees that organizational issues after implementing marketing automation are a thing of the past, while keeping your marketing objectives in mind.


We help you decide on in- and outsourcing

There is a big chance that you probably won’t have all the right competencies and capabilities in-house when it comes to working with marketing automation. When thinking about whether to insource or outsource, our answer is most probably both.

Adagio can offer you temporary onsite and offsite consultants who work dedicated and strategic on your marketing automation strategy and campaigns, next to its in-house digital service centre which can develop your digital wonder pieces.


We organize training sessions and workshops

Ranging from tutorials, live webinars and dynamic classroom sessions, we organize a great deal of both virtual and real-life training sessions, catered to your requirements.

Towards starters and novice users, we can offer you workshops on the fundamentals of marketing automation strategy and software alike.

For the more advanced users, our teachings will help you to push the strategic and technological boundaries of your platform.

We offer several interesting whitepapers.

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