A good marketing data strategy will supercharge your digital marketing efforts

Having a marketing strategy in which your company talks about customer personas, brand positioning and social, won’t suffice.

When Marketing makes use of data analytics, it will deliver a direct boost to the company’s bottom line that is hard to achieve by other means.

We turn your data into actionable insights

Adagio’s in-house data scientists use the most sophisticated tools and techniques in order to leverage and enhance your full data potential.

Ranging from centralizing databases to setting up closed loop models, we’ll make sure to transform your data strategy into actionable insights and practical recommendations.

We will perform a marketing data strategy in order to acquire, manage, enrich and use data to reach your marketing goals. The marketing strategy will be fully data-driven to obtain the best results and hence maximise your ROI.

We set up self-learning and predictive data models

AI and predictive modelling are the new big thing, but what exactly does it entail for your company or operations?

Adagio’s data scientists are well-embedded among Salesforce’s and Adobe’s artificial intelligence tools, aside from setting up our very own customized self-learning models as well.


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Adagio was asked to create and implement a data-driven marketing strategy

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