About Adagio

Adagio is a fast-growing international advisory and technology services company. We serve our top-tier clients in an unrivalled way, making them achieve best-in-class marketing and sales results.

Thanks to a keen focus and a vast team of talented professionals, Adagio has become the industry leader in marketing automation and multi-channel communication for the life sciences and hi-tech industries in just 6 years time.

We vehemently believe in the power of data as the fuel for a successful closed-loop multi-channel marketing program. By linking together solid technology (CRM, Marketing Automation) with expert strategies and flawless marketing program & asset deliveries, we always hit a homerun with every project we engage in.

Demonstrating nearly 50% growth rate year-over-year, Adagio is stacking up on certifications and partnerships with main technology vendors as well as complementary service providers to deliver beyond compare. Our ever-growing team of experts takes pride in the success we deliver for our clients and has always voted Adagio as the #1 place to live, learn, work, innovate and to be awesome.

Adagio is part of the Intracto Group, an innovative digital services group that stands at the crossroads of strategy, creation, marketing, and technology in the Benelux.

Why choose Adagio?

Global Team Of Experts

Adagio is full of smart, driven people who care strictly about getting the work done. Our global team of bright experts hails from multiple fields, domains and cultures. This cross-cultural blend of great people ensures that we can successfully understand, communicate and deliver no matter where our client resides. The relationships we have built with our clients are a testimony of that.

International Growth

Accommodating our global employees and clients alike, Adagio truly serves as an international company. Our offices are located in Paris, New Jersey, the global pharmaceutical hub and Ghent, Belgium’s Silicon Valley. This global presence enables us to help our clients establish successful multi-channel marketing and marketing automation practices, in turn activating growth and achieving market leadership.


Adagio has a business advisory and marketing team with consultants and marketers. Next to that, we also boast a large technical team with designers, developers and software engineers. This allows us to serve as a one-stop-shop for your multi-channel marketing and marketing automation endeavours, offering services ranging from strategic consultancy up to development and campaign management.


Providing strategy and guidance throughout your digital transformation process.


Building the right technology solution to meet your unique marketing and business goals.


Using data to personalize your company’s communication.


Designing and developing digital assets that attract attention and deliver your message.

Our mission

We are a dynamic team of marketing, technology, and business experts who can help companies take full advantage of their digital marketing opportunity. We provide digital marketing strategy, communication, and technology that allows clients to reach their full market potential.

About Lucas Decuypere

Lucas is the founder and CEO of Adagio, which he built into an international advisory and technology services company. As Adagio’s CEO, Lucas is primarily involved in the executive and strategic management of the company. He has a keen interest in multi-channel marketing and marketing automation as the drivers for successful data-driven closed-loop marketing and company growth. His implementations amongst numerous blue-chip clients have underwritten his ability to deliver substantial innovative and commercial value in the most efficient way.